Dimitris aNDREOU

Personal security guard

For Dimitris, the company EliteBodyGuard is the culmination of decades of work experience and training in security and safety of VIP clients. He has worked in Mykonos, Dubai and Saint Tropez as a Personal Security Agent providing specialized protection to Elite & VIP.


Certification of CBI Training Academy, 2019 Basic & Second Level of Close Personal Protection SEMINARS

Personal Security / Self-defense & Self- protection, Knights Combat Jutsu System, 2021

Lifeguard Certification – Lifeguard Hellas    Training Center, 2020

ERC qualification – Basic Life Support (BLS) – European Resuscitation council

Education of the civilian population – Dept of defense policy, 2018

Member of Unites States Parachute Association, 2014

Parachutist – Hellenic Aviation Academy, 2013