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Athens is the capital of Greece and the country’s cultural, political and economic hub. Birthplace of renowned artists and philosophers throughout antiquity, ancient Greek democracy had a deep influence on the design of other political institutions around the world.

Athens has a lot to offer, not only impressive monuments. You’ll find everything from cocktail bars to rooftop terraces with Acropolis views and courtyards that will make you feel like it’s summer on a Greek island. Best of all, Athens is a city that doesn’t sleep, so you can carry on the fun as long into the night as you want. 

Shopping in Athens is a must-do! From the imaginative trinkets and sublime food to famous designers and unique boutiques, the Greek capital has an answer for every shopping need that you might have – even for those you didn’t know existed! 

EliteBodyguard know about the customs and risks and also have local market knowledge and substantial experience in Athens. Hire bodyguard services and enjoy your holiday and don’t worry about safety or annoying paparazzi.


In Athens

An EliteBodyguard offers executive and quality protection to its Elite and VIP clients anywhere and at all times.Our professional staff guarantee the highest standards of training,experience,skills and the ability to take prompt action.We offer protection against any threat whether it be annoying paparazzi, unwanted attention or unforseen circumstances. 

Our Bodyguard and VIP Protection Services include:

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